Sunday, 17 October 2010

Thread Wall in La Veta

Judith Baker Montano's studio
This is the threadwall in Judith Baker Montano's studio. It is fascinating simply because it is the entire wall - and then there's the urge to just get in the midst of it all and run fingers through mile after kilometre of beautiful thread. Thick and thin. Silk and more silk .. every colour of the rainbow and a few more for good measure.  It makes such a statement.  This is, perhaps, what happens when you have your own range of thread and ribbon - and there was a lifetime of "more" behind the wall, stored in every conceivable place. Ribbons, threads, hand-dyed this and that - exotic collections of doo-dads ...  Judith's studio is thick with all things creative - simply walking into class each morning was an experience. Creative classmates (Susan, Sarah, Shirley, Debbie and Lorraine) provided more opportunities to learn and get inspired.
Thought I'd share my own "threadwall". It makes a statement. And they say size doesn't matter...

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