Thursday, 14 October 2010

Soluble leaf play

Adding another dimension ...
Forget what I said about lessons learned ... I'm trying to develop the habit of looking at things afresh - like treating yesterday's piece as a "blank canvas". So I got some soluble base and put it in a hoop, then made a few leaves using the darning foot and a zigzag stitch  - and after they were rinsed out and dried, I couched the long ones to the existing piece in gold thread, then bonded the original square to another piece of indigo dyed fabric  - and then couched the larger leaf  on the left - positioned it across the two pieces. I still think less might have been more ... but I'm on a roll ... a learning curve rather than a roll ... and I'll stop fiddling with it now and move on.

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Sue Dennis said...

Love the new look hairdo, BTW. Leaf play is great too!