Sunday, 17 October 2010

Thread scarf

Pogo / darning the scarf
Today was a perfect day ... gorgeous sunshine, clear skies and perfect for stitching. Who would believe it was 8 degrees this morning - and we're heading for 6 tonight. Look at the date!!! WMBM had to head into the woodshed and get sufficient stock for the fire last evening - and is doing the same tonight. This will take some beating.
Managed to finish machine quilting the thread scarf today - hooped sections until it was nearly completed and filled in the "missed" curvy bits once the hooping had stiffened the remainder of the scarf. After using a sewing machine for 23+ years today was a milestone. The scarf got finished and didn't become a UFO and I somehow managed to stitch the side of my finger in the process. Heard about twits who sew their fingers. 
Drip Dye Drying
Very lucky I only got the bare edge - and didn't require assistance to get unstitched. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Back to the scarf ... I really love blue and I loved the fibres in this 9-pack - which on conferring with Maxine we think came from the Prudence Mapstone store at either the Brisbane or Sydney quilt/fibre show. Next time I'll take a photo before starting the project.
Still drying ...

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Kate said...

Love the scarf - love reading all your posts - you're back in the swing! LOVE the new photo - really nice...