Wednesday, 20 October 2010

La Veta Town Quilt

La Veta Library is a stunning place in a stunning part of the town - and totally helpful for Australians looking for Internet access. In fact, there wasn't a place we visited where Internet access wasn't supported or encouraged - for anyone. The entrance to the La Veta library is highlighted by a fantastic quilt by Judith Baker Montano where she has crazy quilted multiple blocks where the centre piece is a picture of one of the La Veta houses - my apologies that pictures don't do the quilt, or the town, justice.
Judith's hand work is beautiful - the techniques to incorporate photos of the La Veta homes, the beautiful embroidery - it is fitting that a quilt about La Veta homes should be found in one of its most inviting, public places. In between blocks that represent the La Veta accommodations are wonderful florals.
I loved this quilt - and could have spent the day looking at all the things I missed - and then there was the tangible sense of community that oozed from the stitching. The quilt evoked an overwhelming  "I-wanna-touch-it"  response from all who passed it - kids and tourists alike. The pictures of the houses are all included in Judith's latest book - Montage - available to any of the 2QAQ members through the library.  What a treat!

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