Sunday, 28 June 2015

Textile works by Eko Mugroho

On a recent visit to the Queensland Art Gallery I came across the works of Eko Mugroho, an Indonesian textile artist and machine embroiderer. I like the subversive political elements of his works, his use of colour and stitch and how he creates texture. Great use of contrast and I find it interesting to see how visual balance has been achieved in each piece. His cartoon like speech bubbles deliver a shared irreverence for the political elite. Eko's use of rayon thread gives each piece a sheen and always invites closer inspection. A visual treat around yet another corner of another gallery in the QAG ...

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Meaning and context on paper

Brown paper bag - it's common and everyday and possibly overlooked once the objects it carries have been consumed.  So instead of heading into the bin or perhaps a compost site  ... I'm turning this little packet into fabric.
From carrier and protector of mushrooms - breaking down the fibres through scrunching, folding, unfolding and repeat.  It now has a velvety quality when held  .... just like the mushrooms before they too were transformed.   And now for the yum part  ...