Sunday, 21 August 2011

Progress towards Nested Exhibition

We're only 8 weeks away from "Nested" opening at the Art Factory Gallery in South Brisbane from 13-20 October. Sue and Bruce worked tirelessly yesterday on the structure of our major piece - giving it form. Over the next few weeks, Ankie, Sue and I will give it life. Can't wait to see what happens and you are more than welcome to come along to the exhibition to see the result up close and personal!
More surprises - the genesis of another of the exhibition pieces - followed by an experiment in wire, paper mache, bandages and silk. There's nothing like the excitement of hooking into a theme and hanging on for the creative ride. 

Friday, 19 August 2011

Vicksburg Comes Home

At last - Vicksburg is home! WMBM is pleased. It is hard to believe that nearly a year ago Lorraine and I were lunching at the La Veta diner in Colorado and talking to two locals about the "must dos" in Kentucky.  The "must dos" included the National Quilt Museum at Paducah which followed our visit to Bardstown and several of the best Civil War museums on offer in the US. History and inspiration collided at Hancocks of Paducah where the WMBM's 60th birthday quilt was to have its genesis. Vicksburg was the historically inspired pattern from Bonnie Blue Quilts. Armed with WMBM's wish list of colours and several helpful aides the task of fabric selection was completed in only a few short hours. Mr Hancock posted everything back to Tarome which also inspired a note to self - always give advance warning of large parcels so that Kevin, our very obliging mail contractor can organise a suitable delivery vehicle. Many of you know it took some months to adjust the pattern and then piece the quilt blocks under the supervision of WMBM. I learned a lot listening to the "live" feedback throughout the project.  Eventually Vicksburg was delivered to Barb Cowan from The Quilt Connection for the magic treatment. The transformation has been nothing short of miraculous. Vicksburg has come home just a few weeks shy of WMBM's next birthday. WMBM is pleased.  A very big thank you to: Ricky and Justin for their quiet insistence and "must do" manifesto, HoP staff for their unfailing patience, Lorraine for making history come alive for me in Bardstown, and Barb Cowan from The Quilt Connection for stitching life and love into Vicksburg. Mostly it is a big thank you to the WMBM who, when asked what he wanted for his 60th birthday, simply smiled at me and said "A quilt. I want my very own quilt." WMBM is very, very pleased.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Up, Down, Up

One of the WMBM's sisters arrived from the UK for a few weeks - so the Princess of Gommersal and the Goddess of Tarome had a few precious days away from it all with another friend on the Gold Coast. This included a visit to Seaworld where it was great to set aside the challenges of the last month or so and be big kids for a day. Here we are on the chair lift thingy - a challenge of a different sort overlooking the dolphins from on high. Thanks for a great few days and time to get the mojo back on track. It's time to "imagine" again.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Jumpers and Jazz

It was Jumpers and Jazz last weekend in Warwick, south east Queensland. The WMBM's sister is visiting from England, so we headed off over Cunningham's Gap and descended into Warwick for a fun day. It was a fantastic day - great company, fabulous food and amazing textile art.