Saturday, 23 October 2010

Dulany Lingo Magic

While we visited Colorado, and La Veta specifically, Judith took us on many visits - for food and for nourishment. Dulany Lingo and her house of five studios was a place of artistic nourishment. A real life artist with a real life. Juggling grandma duty with being astonishingly creative - doing a Masters in Knitting (seriously and serious stuff) and living with challenges - and producing amazing art. It's the first and only time I've swooned at the unwrapping of ... knitting needles. Mind blowing stuff . 

I just loved Dulany's studio and the way she had the various studio areas - so much talent, so many studios, set out within her home. The only non-studio element was the bed and bathroom. One aspect of Dulany's art is her digital photos - where the background is totally removed and beautiful elements remain. Fingers crossed, I get to pick up the framed version of smoke bush leaves that I purchased on the trip in the next few days. Can't wait  to hang in the studio/ my room of hanging beauty.  Like Dulany, it's magic.

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