Friday, 3 August 2012

Finding the source

After a fruitless search for the original version of a leaf I recently took to a Sue Dennis workshop, I headed to "no-girls-land" up the hill. This is where a few acres are left as grass - inhabited by quail, coucal, kangaroos and slithery things in the summer. This weed provided a huge, hairy leaf which I pressed lightly then took to Sue Dennis's Leaf it Alone .  One person's pesky weed is a textile artist's treasure. Must pick and press these enormous beauties for future play - some of them are 30cm (12 inches) or more in length.   

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Garden for the soul

It is four weeks until the official start of Spring - our plants are already starting to bloom. Some days it is the simple things, like sitting on the bench and becoming part of the garden-scape. The wattles are bursting with powdery sweetness, and the honey eaters have embraced the breeding season with a nest under our window. The two little occupants are ever so vocal demanding food  - and in between are perfectly still and silent. Am heading off to that bench with the WMBM, a joyful little dog and a glass of red. My idea of sanctuary for an hour ....