Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Shiva journal cover

chopped into 3" shiva squares
I had some fabric left over after the big "give it away" moment a few months ago - no regrets at all -but this plain piece of white-ish cream fabric wasn't going anywhere. It was a lovely piece of Quiltgate acquired from Hancocks of Paducah some time ago ... and in the spirit of all things art quilty, I used it for some rubbings. An old tablecloth in copper, some pewter pot pourri bowl covers in charcoal ... and so it went.  Over a few days I rubbed, ironed, frowned, rubbed some more ... and finally had a piece of fabric that was "sort of okay to look at". Yesterday I added some coffee pot pattern in gold. 

rejoined and reunited
Then a leaf from the pot pourri bowl in black.  Ironed and ironed ... then ironed some more. This morning it needed a lift so I added some Angelina fibres. Of course. Then I  fused it to some other fabric that no-one wanted - a lovely red, black and dragony piece that would have looked great in a Chinese Opera - then proceeded to chop the entire thing into 3" pieces. Wow squared.
Changed to a metallic thread and zig zagged the squares back together again. Now I had an interesting piece of fabric ... and a sister about to head overseas for the next 6 months ... so a journal cover was in order.

close up shiva'd and angelina'd
A vessel of sorts - for her art and her drawings.  I lined the journal outer with a beautiful piece of indigo dyed fabric from a day with Ankie King, and added a post card (that also used some old tea bag papers) for a pocket ... to hold pens of course!

Journal cover
I shall miss her very much - and in 24+ Saturdays, she'll be back. Woo hoo and a lot of art to share ... and yes I should have rotated the picture BEFORE posting it to the blog. But you get the picture ....


jan said...

What a lucky sister, Alison - its so lovely to receive a hand made gift. I guess its good to be back home again and getting creative. I too have to start on my Vessel for the 2QAQ challenge.

Sue Dennis said...

What a great looking journal cover! I love those oil stick rubbings.