Monday, 31 December 2007

Raffle quilt winner ... is Mel

The Mothers for Orphans Quilt raffle was drawn just prior to Christmas - and the winner was Mel S (who was very excited and can't wait for winter to come along). Congratulations Mel - it always makes us happy when someone loves and appreciates our efforts. Details can by found on the MFO blogsite at

Strip pieced quilt

It's New Years Eve and blowing a gale. It is just not a good day for wearing a wig. So my resolution for 2008, starting a day early, is to post every week. It's not that there isn't anything to report - I'm doing lots of piecing, patching and quilting .. and enjoying the creativity and freedom that a dedicated workroom / studio brings. It is also called "two-people-living-in-a-four-bedroom-house". I like studio better. 
One of the current projects I am working on is a king-sized quilt for my best friend Lorraine. She has been waiting about 15 years for a "one day I'll make you a quilt". As time has passed, her bed has got bigger and bigger and now it's a king. I'm working from the colour scheme in a fabric she loved, a beautiful piece designed by Judith Baker Montano. Then I pulled out between 50 and 60 related fabrics - complimentary and contrasting - and have made a crazy stripped colourwash in 6 inch squares. The squares are 9-patched, then each 9-patch is to be 9-patched again. I pin them up on the "blue sheet" and then if I need to pack it up for any reason, all the blocks remain in place and can be hung almost anywhere. Whatever works!
Take care and happy stitching.