Wednesday, 20 October 2010

"Rocinante" at Fort Garland, CO

While hanging around in Fort Garland, CO we came across a tribute to Rocinante - or a slightly less glamorous version of what I imagine John Steinbeck travelled around America in, accompanied by his poodle Charley - and yes, someone got out of the back. Alas, there was no poodle,  Thanks for lending me the book Ally - and safe travels to Isle of Man for a genuine George cuddle. Fort Garland - one of Kit Carson's hangouts - is an amazing place, not the least because of its 30 mile away proximity to the next nearest safe haven in the event of an attack by the original inhabitants - across the old La Veta Pass - impassable when under 20 feet of snow - but it must have given the residents of the Fort some comfort to know that assistance, if only in the form of moral support, was close at hand. Not.

1 comment:

AllyBeech said...

Good book right?
But that is NOTHING like what I pictured Steinbeck travelling in!
I was thinking something bigger and more grey nomady.
But still cool.
Pity there was no poodle :P