Monday, 4 October 2010

Quilt for Jen (wine proof)

Jen's quilt
We spent August with Chris's sister, Jen, who came out from the UK for 3+ weeks - and she does NOT have a quilt of any description. To remedy this state of affairs I've made a small red-wine spill-proof quilt that will soon be heading off to England (hopefully in time for it to be useful this winter). I really enjoyed the construction - which comprised alternating two blocks (a 4 patch of 2 x light and 2 x dark squares) alternated with a half-square triangle block (half light, half dark fabrics). The block pattern  came from a book on how to use rolls, sandwiches and the like but I preferred to use a whole heap of scraps (see there's absolutely NO justification to thrown ANYTHING more than 1" square away - I bag them in like colours as well as neutrals dark and light) and some tail-ends of a quilt I made for Chris's granddaughter, Liv. The book is visiting someone else's house at present - so when I get the full title I'll post an acknowledgement - a terrific book and lots of ideas for other projects ... so many ideas, so little time.


Sue Dennis said...

Love it! So nice to see the photos of your travels- I was laughing at the stuffed crows!

Francie said...

The more I look at this quilt, the more I'm drawn to it... though I've never done anything "scrappy", and haven't done a traditional piece in years. Maybe it's the red... my favorite color. "Red-wine-proof" also has a certain appeal! Anyway... I really, really like it!!