Saturday, 25 June 2011

Monoprinting black and gold

I recently tried monoprinting using black pigment  instead of dye and gold fabric paint. Finger painting on crack is how I described it to Ankie. I started by rolling the black pigment, mixed  with extender, over a pane of glass. I rolled in some gold for a few panels. The finger paint experiment began and I printed about 15 or so "panels" around  the edges of some white poplin. Some prints were very black, others mottled grey and some entirely gold. I drew waves, curves, musical symbols and jagged triangles. Somewhere in there I even tried some reverse writing. Each time I printed with either the fabric over the glass or by pressing the glass down onto the fabric. Then I gave a gentle rub over the fabric to make sure the pigment / paint was well and truly where I wanted it. The finished piece dried for 24 - 48 hours and then was heat set by ironing under baking paper.  Tonight I gave the piece another heat set - just to be sure and cut the panels into 3" squares. These are now on the design wall waiting for the natural light of morning and a rested set of eyes. That's the plan ... 
Experimental layout

Another layout

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Making the ordinary extraordinary

On my way to Brisbane this morning I paused with about 2000 others in the midst of Mater Hill-meets-Woolloongabba. I think. There was this beautiful, delicate fern taking it all in from the second floor. Again I had cause to reflect on Dewitt Jones' (photographer extraordinaire) philosophy of viewing life through  a different lens, and making the ordinary extraordinary. So when my meeting didn't actually take place ... I just smiled. It was worth a two hour trip to see the fern. I think.   Only two more sleeps until 2QAQ meets again - this month we are progressing the Scapescrape workshop and we have some guest speakers who will be sharing their artistic  journey - can't wait to see what Jan and Sue have been up to ....

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Good morning Ipswich

I woke up on the 12th floor of the Aspire Apartments in Ipswich this morning - and got to look out over the wintery lanscape and the clock tower. I walked up to Cactus for a delicious breakfast and did some people watching before heading down to the office (at the clock tower). All that glass int he intervening building gives me an idea for a variation of the Scapescrape workshop!

Monday, 20 June 2011


I've been scratching of sorts - yesterday @ Boonah's Railway end, and then in one of WMBM's sheds. Sacred stuff really. Looking for "found" objects for the 2QAQ challenge - which is to incorporate or otherwise use found objects to create some art quilt magic.  I ferreted around in WMBM's tractor shed (except that is houses the old ute, several hundred pot plant plastics, two halves of a power pole and lots of rusty things but no tractor). I found some objects of interest and put WMBM to the test as he performed the "light the fire so the goddess is warm" ritual, seated in front of the fireplace.  What did I find?  A piece of "rio" he said - which I think is rusted reinforcing from some long forgotten concrete project - then  an old padlock and key that don't work but stay together, a flattened bottle top with #27 stamped on the inside. He sighed. Next a broken bit of bolt, a seal for the tail light of a car resplendent with wiring holes  (no car to be seen), pieces of pipe in various stages of discarded rustiness and a spacer for something or other.  All of these wisdoms from the WMBM made my eyes twinkle - and he was still holding the unstruck match.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

A very important date

Earlier in the week, the WMBM asked me out on a date today which included lunch at the Dugie (Dugandan) pub. After that we headed the short distance back into Boonah and rubbed the plaque that commemorates the end of the line, literally, from the time when the railway used to run all the way out here from Ipswich. Then, treat of treats, it was into Mitre 10 to see Phil and check out sheets of ply for the wet studio area, look at the soldering irons, and get a few supplies for downstairs. Sponge pads, dust masks and the like.  And then there was this.  WMBM looking up and down at the crumpled remains of the list: Have you got everything?  Goddess: The thing is, when you shop, you proceed with military precision to the aisle that has the item on your list. When I shop, I cruise the aisles thinking about how each and every item could be used in the studio. I am only up to the third aisle." WMBM was last seen with the remains of the list, heading with military precision in the direction of the supermarket.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Art, Love and Life @ QAG

Art, Love and Life was  absolutely wonderful - as if there could be any other outcome? Apart from purchasing the catalogue, which we did not, no photos allowed. I can suggest a guided tour and a sense of wonderment will almost certainly result in a visit to the QAG. We had lunch with Steve Austin and his Bride + a few other ABC listeners who were fortunate enough to be selected for the tour and lunch @ QAG. What a hooty bunch they were and are. Not to be outdone, the menu was almost as impressive as the company - this is the passion fruit curd something or other enjoyed by Mum - I confess to being fascinated by the surrealism underneath it all. Maybe next visit .....

Aprons and rubber bands

Ankie gifted all the dyeing participants a "blank" apron + pockets to dye in any one of the methods we learned at the retreat. I chose rubber-band-strangle and jam jar dyeing as two techniques for a colourful result (Apron 1).  I also picked up some more felt balls at the Textile Art Festival in Brisbane last weekend. Thanks to Jenny Hunter from plumeart in New Zealand (where I first saw this great idea) made another bowl before retiring.
Today I'm off to the Art Gallery in Brisbane for  a real treat with Mum -  can't wait!

Monday, 13 June 2011

Textile Art Festival again

It was a real family affair at TAF today - with Mum and Little Sister at the show  - Mum's strip pieced jacket was a hit and I got to spend precious time with both Mum and Sue in one of the breaks. There is nothing like family .....

Boonah Retreat and Dyeing with Ankie King

A fabulous weekend on retreat @ The Outlook, Boonah. Can't wait for September!

State of the Art Quilt 2011

This is my entry for State of the Art Quilt 2011  Journal to Quilt @ 30000 feet interpreted a flight between Nashville and Chicago last September.  You can check outthe other fantiastic entries here. After the initial squealing of being juried into the exhibition subsided, and the exhibition  went on display, it is such a humbling experience to "hang" with so many gifted textile artists. It is also fantastic to be able to view the art quilts of other 2QAQ members, many of whom entered this year's SotAQ. Congratulations everyone!

Textile Art Festival 2011

Not only is she a superb artist, but Sue Dennis can take a great photo! Felicity (l) me and Ros (r) setting up the State of the Art Quilt 2011 exhibition at the Brisbane Convention Centre on Friday.  That's Sue on the far left, successfully cutting most of herself out of the photo.  Finally got Sue in a shot with Felicity and Ros - with the exhibition prayer "Please do not touch the Quilts". What a fabulous exhibition!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Surfboards, thongs and pots

Gold Coast City Council Art Gallery was overflowing with young people yesterday, preparing for the 2011 Northern Rivers Dance Festival. I escaped the throng by slipping into the gallery space. Vernon Ah Lee's works cant chant include surfboards that are decorated  with forest shield designs on one side. The eyes of Aboriginal warriors appear on  the reverse of the boards - quite haunting. Next was the work of Gerry Wedd's work includes thongs, a quirky take on Ming vases, tiles and plates with traditional blue and white ceramics and pottery. My favourite of the day was the wall of aluminium pots and lids - aptly named Aluminium. Every time my eye came to rest on a particular piece I was taken back to grandma's place or camping ... incredible aluminium.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Almost there ... the wet studio

First I went to the WMBM sheds (yes he has several) and did a "recon" of the possibilities. At this moment in time the lower two shelves still have "stuff" in them unrelated to a wet studio. No goddess needs to be that low tot he ground in any event. Next step was to position the table and other cupboard to maximise the light - it's a southern facing area so WMBM will get the electricians in this week to create a more permanent and safer working area. An old table has been converted to a working area and may still require a few bricks or similar under the legs to get a more ergonomically correct height. There are three laundry tubs made from ancient concrete - perfect for my needs - with hot and cold running water at the ready. Last, and most importantly, metreage (or yardage?) ready to take the plunge. Can't wait.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Creating a permanent wet studio

This is the mess comprising dyes, containers, jars, plastic sheets and drop sheets and ready-to-dye sheets and ..... all sorts of stuff that is useful for dyeing and stamping. I was embarrassed enough to have spent yesterday afternoon cleaning out the old laundry area downstairs and this morning will get stuck into creating a permanent wet studio area. WMBM says it's a shameless attempt to expand my presence. Hmmm. Sometime later today I'll post an update, including the "essentials" for me ... and now it's off to start carting.