Sunday, 15 November 2015

Still threads ...

I've been sorting through samples of rusted and tannin dyed fabrics, one or two over-dyed in the indigo vat; others folded, squeezed and dipped in different ways and combinations of iron, tannin and rust. Their earthiness is reassuring. The differences in hue and tone ensure the beauty of each piece is not lost - each remains distinct from its neighbour. Some have areas of light and dark; some are stained; each has different strengths, textures and flaws while others appear amorphous. In spite of and perhaps because of these attributes, the group is better and stronger than the single samples of cloth, even when an element at first appears incongruous. In spite of and perhaps because of these differences,  removal or exclusion of a piece that doesn't fit neatly into the prevailing colour scheme risks a collection that is vacuous, indifferently beige and uninformed. Vive la diffĂ©rence.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Back from where ever

Arrived back in blogland after a break of some 5 months. Actually I was curious to see if anyone noticed. I questioned how many people still use blogs as a primary source of information over, say, instagram or Facebook or Twitter or YouTube ... or insert name of whatever is coming next.  Also, it's easy for life to get in the way.  It's easy to release the vigilance and commitment required to keep providing words that are of interest to others. I find it challenging to be in the moment and stay long enough to find meaning - not getting caught up in the paraphernalia of smart this-and-that,  pick me, pick me. So I  stopped taking so many photos that I forgot to pause and drink in the view simply because I  could. I took a break from a brief romance with instagram to taste an idea. Finally, I got to Adelaide  last week and be with my South Australian tribe. Surrounded myself with givers and lifters - of quilts, stitching and ideas.  Bathed in the smiles and laughter of dear friends and generous spirits. Somewhere in the midst of day 3, someone asked what had happened to my blog.  Nothing, I smiled.  Absolutely nothing.  And that's where I needed to be so I could come back. And it feels great.