Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My Father's Shed selected for QRAA

This week I received a phone call to say "My Father's Shed" had been awarded the 2013 Queensland Regional Arts Award in the area of textiles. I've watched how other textile artists conduct themselves when published, or receive awards and have quietly wondered what that would feel like and what would be the appropriate response. Looking back, I wish I had responded with some sense of dignity or managed to be calm, cool and collected. It was not to be - when it came to the crunch, I was found wanting.
Congratulations also to Renton Bishopric for Coal for Breakfast, Jasmine Jean for That Place Inside Me and Christine Turner for Immersed. Seabastian Toast's piece Pig Post received the People's Choice Award. 
Many thanks to TAFTA for, among other joyous things, a scholarship to attend TAFTA's 2014 Contextart FORUM , to Flying Arts Alliance Inc for their generous gift, and to Irene at Scenic Rim Regional Council whose enthusiasm for our arts community is boundless. We never create in isolation - and I've had many reasons this past month to reflect on the blessings of fellow artists, friends and family in my life, especially Ankie. Most of all, Dad - thank you for surviving the move.