Monday, 25 October 2010

Internet shopping under the affluence of incahol

Double left click ...
 Feng Shui and the sewing room might not seem a likely combination.  In an effort to improve the feng shui karma hygiene of the room I sat down one evening (rather recently) and went shopping ... online. There was a terrific special on storage containers. The minimum order was 5.  Perfect.
Fast forward to late last week, as I saunter into the house after work to greet the WMBM :
Goddess (seeing 2 large boxes and a big roll near back door) What's this?
WMBM: It's for you ... the guy said it's sewing stuff.
Goddess (startled): Oh ... but I didn't order anything, just the vliesofix for Robyn and Meredith.
WMBM: (is silent, and continues julienning carrots)
Goddess (thinking real hard): I think I ordered a couple of pigma pens ... and maybe a couple of containers for my beads and buttons. Hmmm ... (places handbag on box larger than coffee table, rests against second box)
WMBM: (is silent)
Goddess: I'm sure I only ordered ... yes I did ... I ordered 15 different containers for my buttons and beads AND the two pigma pens. (pause, supported by incredulous look on face of Goddess)
Goddess (continues): Can you believe the SIZE of these boxes?
WMBM: (still silent and does not put toe anywhere near the killing fields)
Goddess:  (opens Box #1 with carving knife) Expletive - these are the things I chose but there's so MANY of them ...  I mean, like,  there's SO MANY of them ...
WMBM: (has finished carrots, is pouring wine)
Goddess: (puts knife away) Let me check the invoice note receipt thing - there's GOT to be a mistake.
[And there it was  ... I'd ordered 15 sets of each of the different containers, around 5 tubes and/or 8 containers to a set]
Deluded Goddess: (is silent, reflecting)
WMBM: (offers glass of wine in general direction of Goddess) Well that's what you get online shopping under the influence of alcohol.

 And he walked away.  I think he was giggling.  This is exactly why I married him.
PS: It's unbelievable but rummaging about the studio has revealed long forgotten tubs, recycled chocolate boxes and packets of beady and buttony bits and pieces.  More gifts of beads and buttons. Now, what was that website again?


Sue Dennis said...

I'm laughing my head off, here in the lobby of the View Hotel, Monument Valley. Oh, my!!

Jane said...

so funny, thats why I check and double check my internet bookings/buys! don't want to book a flight to somewhere I don't want to go ! at leats the $ is good at the moment you may make a profit!