Thursday, 9 February 2017

Week 5 - Weekly Art Challenge 2017

Week 5 of the #wac2017 saw a move to printed lines on our hand dyed hand printed fabrics.  I chose fabrics that responded to the colours of Uluru in the light - the strength of oranges and purple infused by sunsets. I used a mix of machine and hand stitching to create the outer cover of a journal. This week my research comprised a lot of video links and different articles that focused on aerial views of Uluru. So the inside of the journal cover comprised free motion quilting techniques that looked like hundred and hundred of Uluru's or bird's eye views of desert rocks. The blended colours where achieved by using two threads (orange and burgundy) through the top needle and an orange yellow in the bobbin. I try to go around each shape 3 times (sometimes two) and find this gives me a really great shape and texture. This combination of techniques is going into my three day workshop for Uluru in 2018 - you can register your interest with Caroline Sharkey so you don't miss out on any of the existing tutor and workshop information. Loving this yearly challenge thanks to Brenda Gael Smith!

Friday, 3 February 2017

WAC#4 - more lines

Week 4 of the challenge for 2017 - and further exploration of the Uluru theme through use of line. This time I use two different threads through the needle and another in the bobbin. This gives a rich textural feel to the work. By building layers and connections through the physical act of free motion work into a soluble base, the act of creating mimics the connections between people and places. I got to thinking about the spaces in between the threads - filled with that which we cannot see but know exists. Dreaming. Stories. As Ankie once taught me, making the invisible visible.

I am using the same bowl as the basis for this series of works - the common thread and using the same hoop as a limiter / constraint for the work. Looking forward to the following weeks.

10 months of Creative Strength Training with Jane Dunnewold

As some of you may know, I joined one of the original Creative Strength Training workshops offered by Jane Dunnewold and Zenna Duke and some of my writing / work is included in the book version published in 2016.  Jane and Zenna are now offering a 10 month extended version of CST and I've decided to revisit the program for a number of reasons. Firstly, I wouldn't lightly offer up the chance to work with Jane and the other CST participants - Jane and Zenna build communities of support and also opportunities for challenge at a personal level. Secondly, joining the 1 March program gives me ten months to explore more deeply the themes from the original CST in an expanded context and will give me a chance to put more concrete strategies in place for my creative future.  I found CST enriched my writing, what I write about and brought me into a more thoughtful and meaningful relationship with my art - as well as the spin offs for other relationships and life more generally. For those considering participation in the 10 month course, consider listening to Jane's recent talk at La Conner, WA (September 2016)  - Reflections on Creative Strength Training- another chance to listen to the quiet wisdom and encouragement of Jane Dunnewold. You can also catch Jane and Zenna talking specifically about the 10 month course and structure here.  I hope to share the next 10 months with you!