Thursday, 30 September 2010

The Homestead, Bardstown, Kentucky

We spent a couple of nights at The Homestead in Bardstown, Kentucky and it's a very intersting and disturbing place. Joanne, our host, could not have been friendlier - the history of the Homestead and its resident ghosts however, can lead to a case of imaginations running wild. We didn't sleep so well the second night ....

Joanne says it's impossible to describe the place and it is absolutely true. As promised, here are some pics of the weird, wonderful and collectibles mecca that Joanne has put together over the last 13 years. It defies belief and apologies that in some cases, the photos just don't do the place justice.  In no particular order ....

Lorraine looking down from the upper floor

Our host, Joanne, preparing breakfast

Guest room / children's area

One of three staircases to the upper floor

On the walls

Quilts and benches

Detours led us to Elizabethtown and more barns

Our bathroom, complete with barber's chair

Breakfast area

Taxidermied crows watch over the dining area

The cellar ... way on down

Cemetry (ornamental of course)

Cut up quilt piecces

A doll in our room

Our headless companion

Another lounge area


Face jugs and ornaments

Our beds

More clothes in our room

Our dresser and doll

Our room again with headless

Tree with owl carved atop

made entirely of jewellery pieces

old pump ... still works

crazy quilt

More detail of quilt made by slaves

more nic naks

Early morning in the garden

Bucky on the front porch

Traffic jam on the interstate ...

Another wall ...

The shop out front

Creative thinking in Colorado

Early mornig in La Veta
Every place at every time provides an opportunity to think about design, explore possibilities. Sometimes you just need to get to the particular appointment on time, or enjoy the holiday sans over-intellectualising the whole thing. Fortunately, or unfortunately,  the influence of the 2QAQ group is ever present - and instead of seeing trees and forests, rocks and wires it's now "possible thread or sewing lines" and ... it happens to  everyone I think, I'm still playing catch-up. Some pics that remind me of thread, quilting, art quilts, order, design, space and balance ....

Aspen about to turn

Barn, La Veta

Fort Fransico, La Veta

Wall, Paducah

Wall, Fort Garland

Fence, La Veta

Fence post, Antonito

Gate, La Veta

Grate, Manitou Springs

Tunnel, Rocky Mountains, New Mexico

Fort Fransisco, La Veta

Rocky Mountains, Arizona

Hog Oiler, For Fransisco

Belle Mead Mansion, Tennessee

Timber and Adobe, Fort Garland

Water Tower, Cumbres Pass