Saturday, 9 October 2010

Play in the studio

Pashmeena romping in the studio
This is my constant companion in the studio - Pashmeena  - who's adventures in life were the subject of various earlier posts. Pashmeena lives a comfortable life at Tarome - often found playing in the scraps and being a generally messy mouse. Since we live in a "blame free" household it is unfair to suggest any mess  is entirely of Pashmeena's making. But it is. I'm in the process of a big tidy up - which means opening every storage container and reminding myself of what's in there. So far I've had several "That's where you went!" and "oh dear, forgot about you" and shamefully, one "where did THAT come from?"
Lino cut leaf and print on paper

Last night I started work on Module 2 of Dale Rollerson's "Playways on the Net" through The Thread Studio. I so enjoyed Module 1 - and moved to Module 2 early last year. Which is where it stayed until last night. Module 2 is about "Lacey stuff" and I love the process of working through the book. I'm still on the first page of exercises. Some of it we've all done before - but I am inspired by the "new" ways of doing same or old things. What I have found particularly useful in is the discipline of keeping of samples in folders - techniques, what went right, what didn't go so well, processes rather than outcomes ... and they've become a real resource for current and future projects. Let's hope the rain doesn't clear up anytime soon!

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