Friday, 15 October 2010

La Veta locals

La Veta locals ...
A bit of fun today as a disc arrived from Judith - it really is amazing how the same people at the same event appear to take the same photos ... and you know the rest! When we were travelling, La Veta was such a special place - for so many reasons. The local deer - I think it would be true to say you can do just about anything in La Veta within reason - but speeding is truly a crime because you might hit one of the local ... deer. They are timid and cautious - and if you drive slow enough, or are simply lucky enough as we were - you will see mum and baby pop over a fence (far more athletic than this body I can tell you), Mum puts baby bambi into someone's back yard with instructions to stay put, and then pops back over the fence to graze on the footpath.We would return to Judith's and Ernest's place after lunch past a beautiful  adobe church - where the deer would snooze in the beginnings of the afternoon shade ... absolutely carefree (while remaining timid and cautious) of humans .... so this photo from Judith took me back to sharing the streets with the local deer folk.

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