Sunday, 28 February 2016

Pat's hexagons

This past few days, perhaps daze, have been spent on retreat with a group of women I can't contemplate  life without.  When the laughter and storytelling alternate with the whir of sewing machines, the rythm of hand stitching, adult beverages interspersed with home cooked delights ... all is righted in my world.  
I'm making progress on the inherited hexagons. Slowly taking shape. The needle dipping and rising while aspects of Pat's life are revealed one backing paper at a time. She was much loved. A wife, mother, aunt, friend  of many. Busy. Thrifty.  Christian. Brave. Held close in the prayers and thoughts of so many.  This past few days have been spent trying to do justice to Pat's final project -   and finding great peace in the rythm of stitch. 

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Recycled plastic and journalling

Plastic store bags and wrappings can be reused to add texture and interest to journal pages. Once fused between sheets of non stick baking paper, cut to shape, then stitch using the pogo or darning foot - feed dogs down and zero foot pressure.

Multi purposing at home

Containers with lids and handles make great dye pots, while a large square of  lint free cotton from Hawaii makes a wonderful cheese draining material. The collected whey is protein rich and frozen until a litre or two can be defrosted and used to soak cotton pfd fabrics. They are then dried thoroughly (no rinsing) and stored until an eco dyeing day using materials gathered from around the studio. And the cheese? Enjoyed with an adult beverage and toasted pita bread sometime later this evening.