Saturday, 5 February 2011

Silk on silk and serendipity

Journalling the suekate*
 Drawing and/or journalling have been really useful development tools for many artists, as well as a creativity record. The silk panel has been tea-dyed for 30 minutes in Liptons Intense [3 x bags; 1 x litre of near-boiling water; leave 30 minutes, rinse and iron] and was cut to a square (8.5" x 8.5") replacing a 16 piece section of the pieced silk squares. I preferred the vine pattern in the panel to run vertically (yesterday's trial had it horizontal and a 16.5" x 8.5" section). *I've called this part of the process suekate (pronounced soo-car-tee) a noun (n) and verb (v)  meaning (1) the sisterhood of creativity (2) the generosity of spirit in gifting, coming from the words Sue (meaning sister) and Kate (meaning friend). Hope you have a few suekates in your life too.

Tea-dyed silk panel

the finished top ...


Kate said...

Gosh you've made those squares look good!!!

Unknown said...

Gosh they were terrific squares to start with - I can't thank you enough. I've loved playing with the layout ... and then when Sue's piece of silk arrived from Isle of Man I thought I was in heaven ... and I was!