Friday, 18 February 2011

Journal work and three minute sprints

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An entry a day ... or that's the good intention. Sometimes there is so much to say, and sometimes the merit is in the silence. Must practice that more often and I'm learning that, albeit slowly. Getting my travel journal completed before the memory and the accuracy of them fades is becoming a priority - another great way to relive the trip and utilise unexpected "free minutes". While we were trainbound on the Southwest Chief, the challenge was to draw madly in three minute bursts (which usually coincided with how long it took to de-train someone from the train or welcome new travelling companions. We had quite a break in Albuquerque until the heat drove us back to our compartment - this time the challenge was for five minutes of drawing.  As we travelled the sheer numbers, types, and heights (or lack of) the utilities poles were a source of constant wonder - I couldn't let go of the idea that each of these was once linked to providing an essential service like power, or communications and each had been a contributor to the place in which it was erected. In a much different way now, they still are important, if only as ghosts.We pulled into  Santa Fe and ejected a few more passengers and made room for the newly arrived. Then it was on to California and the end of the lines. 


The Poles

Santa Fe

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Judy George said...

Brilliant as ever
..........amazing memories