Friday, 4 February 2011

Inspired by Roses and a piece of Ricky Tims

Inspired by Roses
 Study in red and analogous colours inspired by Liz's beautiful roses - there is a bit of a thrill standing back and "seeing" something as if for the first time - not always easy - and the neutral fabric is none other than by Ricky Tims. Go figure. I went all the way to the La Veta diner, Colorado to meet him in the flesh and I could have had  found him at Maynards Store in downtown Boonah all along. Sigh.


ricky tims said...

ah - but then you would have missed lovely La Veta - now THAT'S unforgettable! Beautiful colors!

Unknown said...

Well thank you so much for stopping by - and La Veta is always going to be truly unforgettable.