Friday, 4 February 2011

I've been "schwabe'd"

Seriously - a few weeks ago when the floods and tsunami roared through the neighbourhood I happened to end up in an email with Alison Schwabe and Jenny Bowker - they'd been having a conversation in SAQA - and since then I've been indirectly inspired to be more than usually exuberant and "why not?" in the studio. This super activity could be the reason behind a brief hospital stay last week - and when queried by the Doctor about what I'd been doing immediately before the event - I replied "hand sewing at my studio table."  I know he didn't believe me. So, confined to quarters for a short while, I'm being very restful and quiet and catching up on a whole lot of overdue reading.

Why I start reading quilt books and the like from the back cover will remain one of life's mysteries. My interest was perked by what was clearly a plagiarised version of Alison Schwabe's free motion cutting tutorial (available from her blog site). I couldn't believe that someone would be so brazen to actually copy her process almost word for word  into a book. I only accessed it from her blog site in recent weeks. And then I turned forward a page and ... it was an article written by Alison Schwabe.  Everyone relax - I'd just been "schwabe'd". The book is a great art quilt resource from the Quilters Guild of  New South Wales - Quilt Skills. Sadly, I need to return it to its rightful owner .. thanks for the loan Maxine.

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Kate said...

Ali - how are you now? Hope the thing was sorted medical wise. I love reading books in non-numerical order - you see things differently...adds to creativity and interesting surprises like you had lol