Sunday, 6 February 2011

Nature ... naturally

Bath time

WMBM planted many kinds of shrubs, bushes and trees - more than 800 of them in the past few years - and those in the secret garden harbour a multitude of small birds, including our version of a "spitfire pilot" - the yellow-faced honeyeater (Lichenostomus chrysops).  This immature seems to be a natural mutation on the usual olive grey-brown colour and enjoys a bath as much as its parents ... I do love the "little people".

And now I'm very wet


jan said...

HI Ali - I noticed that you said you had missed the entry date for the SoTA exhibition - this has been extended until 1 March due the floods and people not being able to complete or send on time.

Unknown said...

Thanks for that Jan - greatly appreciated - and I'm working on it now! One more week of rest and then I'll be really hitting the deck in a flurry. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

They love a modicum of bread when the babies are about J