Saturday, 19 February 2011

Dyed thread quick fix

Salsa Jar blue
Start with one ball of fine cotton crochet thread - in this case DMC Cebelia 50g  842 #40 - which is a fawny beige colour and was on sale at a local embroidery / tapestry shop in Ipswich. Eat a jar of salsa - the glass jars with the metal screw top lids. Wash the jar before proceeding further. Make up some procion dye and do what you will with the fabric - just ensure there is sufficient left over to almost fill the salsa jar. Pour some of the dye into the salsa jar - about 1cm or 1/2" - and place the cotton into the jar. Gently pour sufficient dye into the jar to reach the top of the thread - read that is a hair's breath from the top - and screw on the lid. Put in a safe and forget about it for 24 hours. No peeking - but a gentle rock'n'roll shake is in order every few hours if you think of it. If left completely alone the variegations are stronger. That was the easy part.
The mission is to get the ball of thread out of the dye, and thoroughly rinsed and dried without turning it into the worlds prettiest knot of uselessness. Remove the lid and place your (gloved?) hand over the top of the opened salsa jar and tip out the ball of thread. Rinse the intact ball of thread thoroughly ... a combination of gentle running water over cupped hands holding the sacred ball, then placing the ball in an ice cream container of water and letting it sit then assist with gentle agitation. Hold the ball of thread so that the risk of tangles is reduced. Repeat as many times as necessary and at least once more than you think. Allow the rinsed ball of thread to dry ... the above took about a week. Voila. The variegations  are subtle and gorgeous, and this has been the main quilting thread used in "Journal to Quilt" for State of the Art Quilt 2011. Thank you again Ankie.

crochet thread meets salsa jar


Judy George said...

clever and so useful

Anonymous said...

NOw if you were to take two longish pieces of crochet thread, twist them together and then fold them back on themselves, you would have thread thick enough to go thru the free motion couching foot. And that another journey. M