Monday, 14 February 2011

Dear Little Sister

Isle of Man buttons rule my textile world!
 Dear little sister,
More of your beautiful buttons (left hand side of picture) - they are truly wonderful and the top left, with bubbles, is fenced off (should that be "ranched off"?) while the lower left button had flow marks that matched the indigo dyed fabric - this is the piece I scrunched and twisted around a piece of down pipe at Ankie's. Much fun!  I particularly love the multiple holed buttons, the ones with five holes for example, and the imprecise but perfectly imperfect square shapes.  Can't wait to see the next generation of IoM buttons ... what will we call them on your return to Oz? Much love, Ali


Judy George said...

How does the entire project look
Love the buttons

LS said...

Wow. I remember the scrunching. That piece is exquisite. I love indigo. I find the "landscape" so engaging. Find myself wondering about the people who live there and what's happening. I love maps (all types). xx

Unknown said...

Once the jury bit of SotAQ is completed then I'll put up a pic of the entire thing ... maybe you could collage it from all the "peeps"? xxx

LS said...

Surely we can see it in the flesh ... if you shoot us afterwards :) Can't wait to see it xx