Sunday, 9 January 2011

Vicksburg Victory

It has been a thoroughly wonderful wet day - incessant patter on the roof - sometimes screaming tears of rain - but for the most part moderate and constant and in harmony with the Bernina. The Vicksburg Civil War quilt top for WMBM is officially pieced and the WMBM has stood back and he is pleased.  Last night we debated the smaller first border - compared so many different options and finally WMBM exclaimed "it needs something gold" - so we found  a mustard kind of gold from the pile of Paducahs - it also features in the blocks - and voila! - inner piece. The second border has been mitred - because I absolutely cannot do a good mitre and decided that after almost 25 years of quilting it was time. To think of all those years worrying about something that was easier than a packet mix ... perhaps not a good comparison as I cannot yet make a packet mix cake.
And there was a moment of enlightenment today ....  for the first time since Graham and WMBM put Graham's beautiful table in the studio - it occurred to me that if I only shifted the sewing machine along to one end and butted 2 cutting boards together (imagine light going on at this very point) I could cut really long bits with the rotary cutter ... in one not-so-foul swoop.  Where has my brain been?

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