Friday, 7 January 2011

Silk Dyed scarf - chop chop

The first of the hand dyed silk scarves I did using gutta resist and procion dyes was with my friend Ankie. The scarf has been bonded to vliesofix and cut into smaller sections, pieces and individual triangles and is now being fused, bit by bit, onto hand dyed ingido fabric - again from a session with Ankie. I'm still fusing - and am wondering why I cut it up and repieced it when it doesn't look substantially different from the original. The end plan is to hand stitch  and embroider, in a similar fashion to Dreams Debris. I love smaller, and therefore really portable projects and am happy for them to be UFOs for as many train trips to meetings, waiting room visits and anything else that gives me 5 or 50 minute blocks of time to do "something".


Anonymous said...

usual beautiful piece
the stitching should be amazing

Anonymous said...

Still inventing baubles