Monday, 17 January 2011

Machine quilting Flood #1

Flood #1 got the treatment last evening. All the little soldiers keeping the layers from shifting. Harriet Hargrave's would be pleased at the level of commitment with the pins. Yes Maxine, I have read it cover to cover at least three times and love it.

A quiet moment

Then a very tranquil, almost Japanese moment as I folded it in preparation for quilting - again a la Harriet and it did look quite serene given the pounding it was about to receive.  The quilting pattern for the swirls of turbulent water are quilting in echo style only 1/8th inch apart. Too dense, even for me! So I'm travelling along quite well with about 1/4" and where it's wider, I am claiming artistic interpretation. (When I went to college to learn to cook the greatest lesson was "if it don't work then rename it" and we survived all manner of sugarless this,  flourless that, and charcoal crusted something else). If anyone asks, the quilting design will be renamed. A river runs through it now.
Reverse Flood #1 in progress

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Sue George said...

Your photographs are always exquisite. Very zen and inspiring.