Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Flower power in rust

Rust and stainless steel
From last Wednesday ....
Near the office where I work are some beautiful pieces of public art - leaf over leaf rusting away with one, polished, stainless steel specimen in the midst of each panel. I did a SooDee. A SooDee is really a "Sue Dennis" or a "Sue D". A SooDee kit  comprises a smallish zippable bag, plastic and see through containing 1 x camera, various pieces of cotton or other fabrics on which to play, and a variety of shiva sticks, packing tape, a sheet of baking paper for wrapping and protecting finished rubbing when it is done ... and baby wipes).
Took out a piece of fabric ... affixed it (rather awkwardly) to said piece of public art and started shiva-ing away. It got a bit tricky around the leaf edges ... and as soon as I finish unpacking from my trip to Warwick I might be able to get the iron onto it ... .

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Sue Dennis said...

Can't wait to see the results of the SooDee at 2 quackers!