Friday, 5 October 2012

Springtime in the vegetable garden

Our vegetable patch is producing many seasonal delights, including English spinach. I never tire of the voluminous basket of green that somehow reduces to three little bags for the freezer, weighing hardly half a kilo (about one pound). Doesn't take away from how delicious it is!  At the top of the patch WMBM is psyching out the satin bower birds - and managed to deter their presence by raising the height of the netting above our strawberries.  One satin bower bird is a delight, two a surprise, three is a wonder ... but twenty of the blighters don't leave many strawberries or early tomatoes for us.


chris said...

Loved your commentary about the bower birds - our blighters are the possums!

Unknown said...

racoons and chipmunks are mine, although I know there are possums around here too. I'm so sad...I'm ripping up my beds, digging out the weeds, and I'll be doing in the strawberry bed as well as everything has gone to weeds this year...and I missed the time for fall planting spinach. ARGH! What a wonderful thing a garden is....Maybe I should damn my docs, and fly to Queensland to be your garden helper....and be warm. Winter...ick. Lisa

Judy said...

Can feel the healthiness