Friday, 19 October 2012

Textile Printing in Auckland

Loads of fun in the hotel where the pattern on the elevator (lift) doors was irresistible. The trick was to make sure the fabric was pulled away before the doors parted - and that only happened once, much to the surprise of our neighbours in Room 1404.  This piece of fabric was dyed at home then rubbed with Shiva stick on the elevator door. Once set, it was overprinted with leaves collected on our walks in Auckland. An oak leaf here and there, or some other foliage unfamiliar to us ... it all made for interesting walks and plenty to do when we returned to the room. 
More leaves from the park

Room numbers

Bathroom drain and airconditioner vent


Sue Dennis said...

Ali, I need to talk to you- I think you have a problem! You are addicted to textile art!

Margaret said...

I'm lovin' the room number and elevator rubbings. A great on my list of Things to Do at the SAQA Conference in Sante Fe in April! :-)