Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My Father's Shed progresses

I found some more tools and a packet of nails that have added another layer of my father to this piece. There's still more issues to work through on the overall composition - and I think there needs some more contrasting or dark areas, creation of a focal point and a way to reduce the impact of the large piece of blue and gold across the middle. The nails, scattered randomly underneath, were dabbed and dotted with a dark oil stick. They've produced some interesting, textural effects. I've really appreciated the feedback I've received during this process - another benefit of being part of the SAQA and 2QAQ groups - and experiencing the wonderful osmosis of talent.  


Margaret said...

Ah, the joys of the online photograph! I can't really make out the nail texture in my browser, but it sounds as if it would be very effective. You might try something similar with metal washers...?

The needle-nosed pliers really stand out in the photo,to the exclusion of almost everything else, except the black rectangle which on my browser resembles a Blackberry or Smart Phone...sigh...!

Sue Dennis said...

Progress and a great learning experience. The next one will be easier.

Judy said...

Waiting for the end