Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Embroidery and Quilts and the Auckland Museum

Leila Bridgman's embroidery is on display in the War Memorial section of the Auckland Museum. There are many textiles created by women in the war, some who were prisoners. From the war to more peace-filled times on the lower levels, the quilt (bottom) of their Majesties was quite a contrast and surprise.  My absolute favourite quilt was  the tivaevae taorei (patchwork quilt) that was made and designed by Mrs Kaitamaki in 1969. It was interesting to see the influence of the missionaries (quilting) incorporated into the tapa cloths. On display way above our heads, the tivaevae was the most beautiful textile in the room. Definitely untouchable, and not a white glove in sight.



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Margaret said...

I agree -- the tivaevae is very beautiful -- and a real balm to my eyes on a cloudy morning here. :-) And the one of their Majesties -- my goodness!