Sunday, 17 June 2012

The very heart of it ...

Inspired is probably not the right word. Artistically, there is often a trigger or catalyst from which we launch ourselves. I find myself responding to the sale of my parents' property after forty years at "509". They, I might add, are full of the possibilities for the future at their new residence.  For now, I am staying in the trauma of upheaval and disruption. The first response has materialised in "The very heart of it ..." which developed at a recent  retreat. Text and textiles. I have tried to convey the emotional quality of moving day. In a literal context I have chosen the use of text. The heart (not shown in this pic) symbolises the emotional core of  being, and the gift of Dad having survived a trauma of a different kind ten years ago). The final element was the creation of the focal point - which goes to the very heart of it.

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