Sunday, 17 June 2012

2QAQ Bark Challenge

Challenged to Bark has absolutely nothing to do with dogs! The Queensland Quilters Art Quilt Group challenge for our July meeting is ... bark. You are invited to "scrunch, scratch, slash, spray, sand, stipple, sew, stick, silk or any stuff  ..." and put these together in A3 finished size. Our 2QAQ challenge organiser, Rosemary McCall is herself a talented textile artist and we are in good hands with Rosemary at the challenge helm.  July will arrive all too quickly so I started experimenting on the materiality of "bark". Here I've bound rusted fabric to a piece of down pipe then scrunched it down as tightly as I could before squeezing tannin-rich tea bag juices over it. This will produce variations in the depth of colour and hopefully) a lovely, barky piece of fabric for use in the challenge. I have also been playing with dried mushroom skins which give a stunning barky texture but may prove too fragile for incorporating in the finished piece. Back to the down pipe ....

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