Saturday, 2 June 2012

Update from The Rabbit Hole and Ali (ce)

It's like good old fashioned gambling houses. So many curtains and no clocks. You can't tell (unless you look at the computer or watch) what time it is. Down the Rabbit Hole continues to be a source of excitement for the 20 plus participants here in the Brisbane group. We're competing, so to type, with teams in Melbourne and Hobart and the online group. Brisbane team hit 33,916 words last evening, with Melbourne slightly ahead on 40 plus thousand ..... I feel cheap saying they have more attendees than the Brisbane group, but there you have it! We are nestled into the second floor of the State Library of Queensland at the Queensland Writer's Centre. There's a kitchen and the big room where we sit, side by side, pouring words out of our heads and through fingertips into machines. Hour after hour .... it's such fun! Just over 7,000 words written ... and 23,000 to go ... sigh

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Sue Dennis said...

Are you writing fiction? Very interesting concept- like a marathon quilt-in!