Sunday, 13 November 2011

SotAQ artists @ Gallery 159

What a great opening at Gallery 159 - and while SotAQ11 had previously been through an "official launch" the approach at Gallery 159 was convivial and relaxed - which means we all got to chat about art quilts for several hours and hear from particular quilt makers a short burst about their preferred techniques, style and inspiration. Mel Forrest, Helen Kidd and Suzanne Marshall (below) discuss the finer points of exhibitions.

In the absence of Ankie King, I got to share (below) her inspiration for creating Tulip Fields (r) and 100 Squares (l).  We missed you Ankie - see you very soon!

Felicity Clarke (below) shared the inspiration for her reflection on life - a beautiful and moving piece that follows birth through to death.

Helen Kidd (below) shared her Banff Canada holiday influence on Fire and Ice and how the various colours of ice were created.

Mel Forrest (also below) talked about her inspiration for My New York and the way photographic images are incorporated into her artworks.

A wonderful way to spend an afternoon - and the exhibition will be open until the ARTrageous Christmas Party for 2QAQ members on the 26th November. Check the Gallery 159 opening hours


Judy said...

Love Ankies 100 squares

chris said...

It was the first time I had seen the quilts & I am so proud of all my friends who featured in this exhibition - they are so creative - it's a great exhbition.

Sue Dennis said...

Thanks for the photos of the exhibition at G159, as I can't get to the show. Lovely to see the work on white walls.