Saturday, 19 November 2011

Work on saturday

A glorious day to be at work in Cairns - glorious day outside - and a lovely view from the 9th floor office. Sometimes I get to watch the ships coming in to port and unloading their wares, day in, day out - cruise ships spill visitors into Sheridan street for precious shopping time and quickie trips to the Daintree. There's always something happening. After work I went to the Cairns Regional Gallery and viewed the works of  Tara Heben - her works remind me of Gauguin in some respects - vivid  colours but essentially the undercover drawer is at work. I loved many of her works, and in particular Southerly Blow (2011).  Heading back tomorrow for a look around the other 2 floors of the Gallery - which is a perfect way to spend a day out of the heat and humidity.  The lychees, mangoes and tropical fruits are plentiful - finished the day shopping for fruit at Rusty's Markets then headed north to Manunda and the little unit of comfortable means where I've spent these past 8 weeks.

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