Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Gerhard and Natures Face Art

© Image of Gerhard Hillmann
A really nice thing happened on the way to the market in Cairns on the weekend. I met Gerhard Hillmann from naturesfaceart on the Esplanade with his exquisite photography, cards and fabric squares. The selection of colourways and imagery is vast - landscapes with earthy and autumnal tones, the electric colouring of Ulysses butterflies and passion flowers, wattle and eucalyptus leaves, lilly pilly and a kaleidoscope of natures art. The images are printed on quality cotton and are available individually or in coordinated packs through Gerhard's website or by email. Thank you Gerhard - your work is simply beautiful. I can't wait to get back to sewing and being creative with these squares.

© Image by Gerhard Hillmann

© Image by Gerhard Hillman


Sue Dennis said...

Fantastic photos from Gerhard. I'll have more photos from the trip on the blog yet!! You don't get away that easily ;)

Judy said...

Love the lilly pilly

Margaret said...

Just had to share this fellow's work with my daughter, who is a skilled amateur photographer. I'm hoping she tries printing on fabric -- even if it's just pour moi. Thanks!