Thursday, 20 October 2011

What do you miss?

After the WMBM and some really, really special friends and relatives (you know who you are) I really, really miss my Bernina. After work this evening I toddled off towards my temporary new home and happened to remember the Cairns Sewing Centre is just ... a few miles up the road. Yes it's true. I stood outside the window of the closed shop ... trying to peer through the glass into the darkness ... and knew at long last what it was to be a dog outside a butcher shop. I did ever so slightly paw at the glass ... but couldn't see much inside. Still, I returned home  unit-ward feeling like I'd had a little fix.

The closest I've got to working with fabric and stitching textiles these past two weeks is a collage  ... incorporating some indigo dyed cheesecloth (like when was THAT dream ever going to eventuate ... after the Camembert's turned out so hard the dog would not even chase them as Frisbees ... another post for another day) ... yes some indigo dyed cheesecloth and themed around blue ... magazines, postcards and the like. As there are still  no scissors allowed on domestic flights, I have taken to tearing ... accompanied by my Mum's glue stick, what more could a goddess want?  (P.S. Mum... I'll replace the glue stick next visit xxx)

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Ankie said...

wow Ali, isnt amazing what you can do with so little, looks great xx