Saturday, 22 October 2011

More from Nested

Some more from our  "Nested" exhibition - including Nestination USA (left, left)  woven from fabric trimmings of Sue Dennis' Destination USA exhibition quilts. Once woven, the centre piece was stitched then moulded, leaving the ends untrimmed - they point to other destinations.  Cuerda (left, bottom) was created from cords made from the thread bag and other offcuts, free motion zig zagged in variegated thread then formed into the nest.  Petal (left, top) is layered nests one of hand dyed silk pieces by Ankie King nested in a base created entirely from thread.  Air (below) is made from Perle cotton thread and has not been cut. The first nest is joined to the second nest and remains connected to their point of origin.  reflection (below, top) is layered mulberry silk that was hand dyed then stitched and moulded before being hand beaded. Similarly hand dyed mulberry silk was stitched then moulded into a nest before being hand beaded to create Translucence.

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jan said...

They look beautiful Ali