Sunday, 18 September 2011

Nested exhibition - 4 weeks to go!

Here is a sneak peek of "Nested" a joint exhibition with Sue George and Ankie King at the Art Factory Gallery, South Brisbane from 13 - 19 October. In informatics, nested objects contain other objects of the same kind.  Nested information is organised into layers of related information.  Nested objects are recursive, characterised by repetition and recurrence, where interpretation requires numerous, successive executions. So the three of us have created our “Nested” works. The exhibition comprises 40 - 50 nests ranging in size from 3  - 100 cm cubed.  Nested will be an exhibition of 40-50 “nests”.  Some are sculpted from porcelain slip, others slumped and hand pinched porcelain clay. Some are sculpted from hand dyed textiles, fibres (natural and manmade) and found objects. Opening night is Thursday 13 October - from 6pm. If you'd like to share the evening with us, please contact me (ali at aliquilts dot com dot au).

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Sue Dennis said...

Would love to be there but will be out of the country. Lots of photos please.