Saturday, 17 September 2011

Cherilyn Martin for Lunch @ Southbank

This is sort of a re-post of yesterday's lunch with Cherilyn Martin- this time with pics (thanks Linda) - we had a wonderful few hours talking fibre and textiles and some beautiful "show and tell" by Linda, Kate and Cherilyn.  In between our delightful moments, we managed to survive the experience of a couple of other diners who had cleverly trained their children to bang, yell, scream, shout, hit, bang, yell, hit, crash and generally infect the space of all the other diners.  I'm not officially a "grumpy old woman" yet ... but I came close yesterday! The marauders of peace finished their pro-hart-like feeding frenzy and departed (unharmed I would add)  before our photos were taken - perhaps that's why our smiles are so incredibly ... big!! No - it was truly the great company, talk and food @ Southbank with Cherilyn. Thanks for the invite!

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