Saturday, 3 September 2011

Journalling, Diaries and Creativity

Curtin University through Open Learning University offers a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts and Visual Culture) - the whole degree can be completed online (there's quite a bit of Discussion Board participation which is akin to being in a classroom and interacting with your classmates) and lots of camera work to be uploaded. Mindmapping is one of the skills we practise. So is exploring all the possible and impossible uses of an object. I have committed the first act of vandalism in my life - I cut up a perfectly good bucket in the name of art!
 Sue Dennis facilitated the 2QAQ group through a creative thinking exercise in 2010 - also with mindmapping exercises and I'm really feeling the benefit of maintaining  a visual diary, and practising ..... every day!


Sue Dennis said...

You have been working hard towards your degree. Hope to see you at the 2QAQ September meeting.

Ankie said...

That all looks very interesting it great to let the little grey cells have a playxx