Friday, 1 July 2011

Life's like that and then some

I got my first issue of  FiberARTS magazine this week .... to find out it is the very last issue, ever.  I've heard through the SAQA discussion board that this is a wonderful textile and art quilt must-have magazine ... which  has decided to shut down due to what appears to be a lack of subscriptions / sales. I'm going to read it from cover-to-cover. How many people get the very last issue as their very first issue - I feel quite special.
At the 2QAQ meeting last Saturday I found this fantastic book ... and oldie and a goodie ... I think it might have come from Sue Dennis ... I can remember the event that was and is Jinny B from  the late 1980's and how much I wanted a metre of every piece of fabric but instead learned heaps about scale, size, tone and so much more just by fondling the bolts in Ruth Stoneley's shop.
Lastly, I cut a piece of A4 sized fabric from the Waitangi rubbing piece - the gold shiva has a rather aged look about it - so I decided to print the photo version with the help of some freezer paper (and a little extra contrast and sharpness). The piece will sit on the quilt top in the vicinity of the rubbing. I may repeat this a few times, depending on how the fabric responds to this extra treatment. That it an exercise for tomorrow ... when I will likely go into procrastinate mode because I have an assignment due and even the ironing  basket is looking attractive.

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