Saturday, 16 April 2011

Art Quilt a la 1991

It's a drizzly cold start to the weekend and the perfect excuse to look in a few trunks and remember what's in there (which is an exercise in futility but fun nevertheless).
On another fairly drab weekend back in early 1991 I went on what would now be called "retreat" with about 6 other quilters to Griffith University's Nathan campus with Ruth Stoneley. No ordinary quilt weekend - we were to try unconventional, non-traditional just-do-it patchwork and quilting. Not a pink or green floral to be seen. The house was my first home as a married person,  a 3 bedroom highset carved into a rather steep block of land with three levels of gardens and a rotary clothesline at the side. Each of the other participants shared a small piece of fabric with me from which the quilt hanging on the line was created. 
The bee buttons were given to me by a friend and inspirational mentor who still works at Griffith University - they came from England (the buttons) and had travelled far to be part of my first art quilt.  I'm about to make a cuppa and think about the journey since 1991 ......


Sue Dennis said...

Good to look back & see the beginning of the adventure.

Judy said...

Good gracious thats amazing