Friday, 8 April 2011

Indilogo Cabin

At a recent Boonah retreat the WMBM dropped off a bag of Indigo and rusty fabrics, dyed with Ankie King and Maxine O'Toole and waiting patiently for me to give them purpose. Indi-logo Cabin was the response and now it waits patiently to be quilted ... probably this weekend. The backing is my favourite piece of dyed fabric to date - the jellyfish  streaming across an endlessly deep ocean.


Kate said...

Hey - I remember that fabric - gorgeous!!!

Judy said...

wow once more

Unknown said...

Hi, I love the effect! Do you know how they got the lighter blue speckled/marbled effect in the fabric? The circles where obviously done by tie dye. But wasnt sure about the lighter blue bits.
Thanks :D